ARAB DIAR INFO TECH is a registered company working under the umbrella of ARAB DIAR TRAD. & CONT. CO. at State of Qatar. The successor company, Arab Diar Trad. & Cont. Co. had greatly expanded its range for many years, and is now actively engaged in professional proactive of IT solutions, heavy equipment, Road works, General construction and Real Estate.
The firm has extensive experience with all types of IT Solution including structured cabling, network cable management, optical fiber installation, routing, switching, Windows Server Installation & Configuration and IT Technical Support. The firm has extensive experience in providing expert witness testimony in a wide variety of IT services.


A network of business enterprises that provides quality products and services to all sort of enterprises, corporations and Government Section and at the same time enables its customers to improve their IT Infrastructure


Our Market position is based upon continuous innovation and product integration tailored to meet specific company needs. Arab Diar Info Tech has constantly endeavored to add new products to integrate into its present system and to keep to-date with the growing improvements and innovations in Technology. Computers with custom built Software are being used widely to give you a complete control of the premises at the tip of your finger.
• Balance of long-term and short-term objectives is key to profitability.
• Our continued success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of our customers.
• To provide the company’s customers high quality IT services.
• To provide quality IT services to our clients
• To create employment for young and experienced professionals.


• The company’s total dedication is to the improvement of financial status for impoverished citizens of the African continent
• The company will at all times give preference to its customers’ interests over those of the company
• The company will at all times emphasize on the honesty and dedication of its employees towards attainment of its objectives